Deep sky weekend, 2011 November

posted: 2245 days ago, on Sunday, 2011 Nov 27 at 17:55
tags: astronomy, deep sky, star party, Sutherland.

Eight enthusiastic deep sky observers (and two plus-ones) visited Saaiplaas near Matjiesfontein (30km along the Sutherland road) for a week-end of deep sky observing.

Friday night saw excellent conditions (SQM-L reading: 21.4) with daybreak sending the last enthusiast (Gavin) off to bed.

Saturday, however, the weather turned and we were clouded out - making for a late leisurely braai and a (relatively) early bedtime.

Thanks to Lynnette for making the admin arrangements, and for everyone who attended: Paul Kruger, Iain Finlay (with his brand-new 10-inch), Gavin and Suki, Ed and Lynnette.

Gavin (and Dylan) pointing out similarities between Gavin's sketch of NGC 2070 (made on Friday evening) and the first such sketch made by John Herschel at the Cape. (centre panels) Braai on Saturday. (right panels) Iain and Paul setting up Iain's brand spanking new 10-inch Intelliscope.

(top, left) Almost perfectly-clear skies on Friday afternoon. (top, right) The posse at the front of Saaiplaas guest house. (bottom) Looking vaguely towards Saaiplaas, Sunday afternoon. Fracking clouds.

Montage by Ed Foster. Clockwise: braai chat, stoep chat, scarecrow in the onion field, sunset windmill.

Dramatic sunset and clouds on Saturday evening. Nice for pix, sucks for stargazing.

More dramatic clouds, Sunday morning.

nothing more to see. please move along.