Gallery: Crescent Moon joins Venus at dusk

posted: 2245 days ago, on Sunday, 2011 Nov 27 at 17:20
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Kos Coronaios.

For the past few weeks, Venus and Mercury have double-featured at a western sunset horizon near you. Kos Coronaios has been documenting the gathering in the Gallery.

Now, the crescent Moon has joined the evening show, and will be available for your viewing pleasure over the next few evenings.

November 27

(left) Venus and the Moon following the setting Sun behind Table Mountain. Image by Jodi Paul. 2011 Nov 27.

(right) Moon and planet from Limpopo, where clouds added to the dramatic scene. Image by Kos Coronaios. 2011 Nov 27.

(left) After nightfall, the Moon (and Venus!) illuminates the thin cloud. (right, top) Close-up of the crescent Moon, exposed for the bright limb.

(right, bottom) Venus and the Moon, with the exposure set to reveal the dark part of the Moon, necessarily over-exposing the bright part. Photos by Kos Coronaios, 2011 Nov 27.

November 26

(left) The crescent Moon, with Venus above and Mercury lower-left, on the 26th, imaged by Kos Coronaios.

(right) Moon and Venus setting, below the stars of Sagittarius. Notice the prominent Corona Borealis at left-centre.

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