Partial solar eclipse, 2011 November 25

posted: 2250 days ago, on Wednesday, 2011 Nov 23 at 14:05
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Getting up way too early, I headed off to Helshoogte Pass and Hillberry Farm to scout a location for spotting this morning's partial solar eclipse. Finally, I settled on a spot in nearby Pniel. A swarm of muggies, goggas and fuckers spotted me. We both won.

At maximum, only a sliver of Moon was visible. Canon Powershot IIS, (ISO 80, f/5, 1/640-sec, 72mm zoom), mylar and sticky tape.

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(published 2011 November 23, 14:05)

The fourth and final solar eclipse of 2011 occurs on Friday morning, November 25, about one-and-a-half hours after the Sun rises.

This partial eclipse will be visible from anywhere in Antarctica (not very helpful, I know), Tasmania (a bit better), from most of New Zealand (luck bastards) and the southern tip of South Africa (yay). The best spot to view it from will be in the icy waters some 300km off the coast of Antarctica (paddle in the direction of South America and you'll find the spot).

From South Africa, the following regions will see some action: the Western Cape, southern part of the Northern Cape, and the western part of the Eastern Cape.

The fraction of the solar disk visible at the moment of maximum eclipse, for some places in South Africa.

Western Cape

Cape Town: starts at 06:27 (altitude of Sun = 10), ends at 07:17 (20). Sunrise is at 05:29 (azimuth 115).

George: starts at 06:32 (14), ends at 07:13 (22.5). Sunrise is at 05:15 (azimuth 116).

Swellendam: starts at 06:29 (12), ends at 07:15 (21.5). Sunrise is at 05:22 (azimuth 116).

Northern Cape

Sutherland: starts at 06:32 (12.5), ends at 07:08 (20). Sunrise is at 05:25 (azimuth 115).

Carnarvon is at the northern extreme of this event, with the Moon skimming the solar edge. Technically, I suppose, one should be able to capture a grazing occultation of the lunar limb by convenient solar flares.

Eastern Cape

Port Elizabeth: starts at 06:38 (18), ends at 07:07 (22.5). Sunrise is at 05:02 (azimuth 115).

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