String theory at AIMS

posted: 2253 days ago, on Friday, 2011 Nov 18 at 21:43
tags: astronomy, events, Cape Town.

On 2011 November 15 Prof Robert De Mello Koch delivered an AIMS/Science Out Loud public lecture, titled "From Spacetime and Quantum Mechanics to String Theory".

Prof Robert De Mello Koch: "In string theory we replace point like particles by little loops" and sometimes a boy's track-suit pants.

"We review our current understanding of gravity, summarized in Einstein's theory of General Relativity. and our understanding of the remaining three forces in nature, in terms of the exchange of force carrying particles in Quantum Field Theory. A unified description of nature requires a synthesis of General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory into a single framework. The most promising candidate for this unified theory, String Theory, is described."

Prof Koch holds a South African Research Chair in Theoretical Physics at the University of the Witwatersrand.

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