Worldwide Moment 2011

posted: 2204 days ago, on Wednesday, 2011 Nov 09 at 08:12
tags: cool, events.

Sunset, Limpopo

World Wide Moment 2011 as experienced by Kos Coronaios, Limpopo.

Underwater view of my aquarium

World Wide Moment 2011 as experienced by Auke Slotegraaf, Stellenbosch

This year's Worldwide Moment - when y'all take a photo at that moment and share it - is on Friday, November 11, at 18:11 South African time.

Brett Brownell, who dreamed up the event way back in '07, writes:

"This years Worldwide Moment occurs on November 11 at 11:11AM New York time (where I live now).

"You, and everyone, everyone, are invited to participate by simply taking a photograph at that moment and sharing your story on our website."

Give it a go. Set your Blackberry or whateva for 18:11 on Friday, and snap a pic. I'll post them here (see my 2010 entry), you can submit them to Brett's site, and follow the action on Twitter (@worldwidemoment).

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