Gallery: The Lady, the Messenger and the Scorpion

posted: 2266 days ago, on Monday, 2011 Nov 07 at 17:51
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, Mercury, Venus, Kos Coronaios, Ed Foster.

The bright planets Venus and Mercury have been accenting the twilight skies for the past few weeks. The planetary duo have been creeping up on the constellation Scorpius and on November 5th (as the photo below shows) found themselves within the grasp of the scorpion's claws, appearing below the reddish star Antares.

Over the next two weeks, the two planets continue moving in step, side-by-side, as they crawl upward next to the scorpion. Their changing positions relative to the background stars will be noticeable from night to night.

On November 8, Venus will be within Ophiuchius, where it remains until the 23rd. Mercury will be in Ophiuchius from November 15th until early December. Sorry, astrologers.

By mid-month, Antares will be slipping into the solar glow soon after sunset, while the planetary pair climb slightly higher.

November 03-15

Summary of the last almost two-weeks of planetary motion.

Images by Kos Coronaios

November 15

Mercury and Venus are still well-placed after sunset, while Antares drops lower each evening.

Images by Kos Coronaios

November 12

Bottom-right image shows the centre of our Milky Way galaxy. The streak on far left is an Iridium flare.

Images by Kos Coronaios

November 11

Images by Kos Coronaios

Images by Ed Foster

November 10

Clear skies in Stellenbosch at last. (r.t.l.) Venus, Mercury, Antares, flight to Jo'burg.

November 8

November 7

November 6

November 5

November 3

October 28

Venus and Mercury above the city lights of Cape Town.

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