Are we alone in the Universe?

posted: 2292 days ago, on Monday, 2011 Oct 10 at 13:58
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For fifty years astronomers have been sweeping the skies with radio telescopes hoping to stumble across a message from Extraterrestrial (ET). So far, all they have encountered is an eerie silence. So are we alone in the universe after all? Or might we be looking in the wrong place?

The S.A. Astronomical Observatory together with the Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravity Centre of UCT will host a public lecture by Prof. Paul Davies on Friday, October 28 at the UCT Zoology Building, University Avenue North,Upper Campus at 20h00. Paul Davies will talk about "The Eerie Silence: Are we alone in the Universe?"

Paul Davies is an English physicist, a writer and broadcaster, currently a professor at Arizona State University as well as the Director of BEYOND : Centre for Fundamental Concepts in Science. He has held previous academic appointments at the following Universities: Cambridge, London, Newcastle upon Tyne , Adelaide and Macquarie. His research interests are in the fields of cosmology, quantum field theory and astrobiology. In 2005, he took up the chair of the SETI : Post-Detection Science and Technology Taskgroup of the International Academy of Astronautics.

Davies' inquiries have included theoretical physics, cosmology and astrobiology. His research has been mainly in the area of quantum field theory in curved spacetime. Davies has had a longstanding association with the problem of time's arrow. He was a forerunner of the theory that life on Earth may have come from Mars cocooned in rocks ejected by asteroid and comet impacts. His talent as a communicator of science has been recognised in Australia by an Advance Australia Award and two Eureka Prizes. The UK too awarded him the 2001 Kelvin Medal and Prize by the Institute of Physics, and the 2002 Faraday Prize by The Royal Society. Davies also received the Templeton Prize in 1995. Paul Davies was made a member of the Order of Australia in the 2007 Queen's birthday honours list. The asteroid 6870 Pauldavies is named after him.

via: SAAO Press Release (Thembela Mantungwa)

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