A beautiful crop of new deep sky astrophotos

posted: 2349 days ago, on Tuesday, 2011 Aug 16 at 11:37
tags: astronomy, deep sky, astrophotography, Dale Liebenberg, Anthony Ayiomamitis.

Dale Liebenberg and Anthony Ayiomamitis have kindly shared the latest examples of their craft.

The image above is the famous Trifid Nebula, in a colour palette I'm betting you've never seen. I rather much prefer this rendering.

Dale's images are posted on DOCdb, and the links are: Trifid Nebula, Wild Duck Cluster, Sombrero Galaxy, and the Southern Whirlpool Galaxy.

Anthony Ayiomamitis has recently been imaging some of the more obscure open clusters, with delightful results. Anthony's images are all available on his own website, and are also integrated with DOCdb; click through to NGC 1528, NGC 2301, NGC 2682, NGC 6633, and NGC 6694.

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