Sombrero Galaxy

posted: 2357 days ago, on Monday, 2011 Aug 08 at 11:59
tags: astronomy, deep sky, astrophotography, Dale Liebenberg.

Messier 104, Sombrero Galaxy, in Virgo

Imaged by Dale Liebenberg, Port Elizabeth

Exposures: L(12x15min),RGB (7x5min each bin 2x2)

Image scale 0.47 arsec/pixel

Captured with MaximDL, calibrated and colour combined with CCDStack. Processed in PS CS4

Celestron EdgeHD 14-inch, ASA DDM60 mount, SBIG STL11000M camera and Astrodon filters

Astrodon MMOAGguider with SBIG remote guide head, Astrodon Takometer rotator, motorised main focuser with Robofocus and FocusMax

Software: TheSkyX, ACP Planner, ACP, ACP Scheduler, FMax, MaximDL, Photoshop CS4

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