Latest pics of KAT-7 (2011 July 14)

posted: 2381 days ago, on Friday, 2011 Jul 15 at 09:24
tags: astronomy, telescopes, SKA.

The entire KAT-7 array. Image copyright Evan Knox-Davies.

The EMSS feed system (feed horn, LNA and vacuum cryostat) ready to go. Image copyright Evan Knox-Davies.

Hoisting the feed into position. Image copyright Evan Knox-Davies.

Evan Knox-Davies visited the KAT-7 site near Carnarvon yesterday to help install feeds on the radio telescope dishes. He is involved with EM studies for the design of the offset Gregorian dishes to be used for MeerKAT. KAT-7 is part of South Africa's technology-demonstration to secure the SKA.

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