Two great websites for your astronomy outreach toolkit

posted: 2474 days ago, on Tuesday, 2011 Apr 12 at 10:42
tags: astronomy, outreach, reference, internet, software.

If you like to share the Universe with others, there are many sites on the internets that are helpful. The problem is to find the good ones. The internet being what it is, the signal-to-noise is not very good.

Two (very different) websites that will spark your creative glands recently found their way onto my browser.

The first is I know, it sounds like a manufacturer of el cheapo rip-offs of famous brands. In reality it's a collection of ideas for home-made hands-on models to demonstrate astronomical ideas. Assimilate.

The second is the beautiful solarsystemscope, which is a virtual orrery, very prettily presented and with an easy-to-use interface. (Celestia: did you read that last bit?)


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