Karoo Stars over McGregor (2011 Jan 08)

posted: 2564 days ago, on Sunday, 2011 Jan 09 at 10:21
tags: astronomy, outreach, events, Ed Foster, Martin Lyons, McGregor, photo diary.

Our first astronomy outreach for 2011 was a star gazing event in McGregor.

Just under a 100 curious and enthusiastic folk from McGregor, Robertson and further afield joined us for a lovely balmy evening of star gazing.

Two 10-inch Dobs provided early day-time views of the crescent Moon and Jupiter. Ed Foster later gave a "basic astronomy" talk, after which Martin Lyons projected live images of deep sky objects from a 9-inch SCT. Meanwhile, Ed, Lynnette and Francois answered questions and pointed Dobbies at interesting sights in the southern sky.

We were pretty overwhelmed by the size of the crowd and were kept busy fielding questions and adjusting eyepieces until 23:30.

Thanks, McGregor, for a cool experience.

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