Papegaaiberg in Stellenbosch ablaze

posted: 2576 days ago, on Thursday, 2010 Dec 30 at 03:10
tags: Stellenbosch, photo diary.

A senior fire official told me the fire started this morning (Wednesday, 29th) on the northern side of Papegaaiskop. Soon after extinguishing it, however, it flamed up again. Fanned by strong gusty winds, it swept around the hill and towards the Onderpapegaaiberg residential area.

While taking some of the images above, I spoke with an anxious young man, a chef who works in Paarl. He had rushed home as soon as he could. He recalled how, years ago when he was a little boy, a similar blaze left him standing in their garden, hose-pipe in his trembling hands, fearing the worst.

By 02:30, when the last of these photos were taken, the wind was still strong and gusty. I headed home. Meanwhile, along the perimeter of the fire, at strategic locations, fire-fighting vehicles were stationed, waiting, on guard and ready.

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