Magic auction

posted: 2607 days ago, on Wednesday, 2010 Dec 01 at 10:17
tags: magic, College of Magic, events, photo diary, Cape Magicians Circle.

It's still a weird idea: an auction of secrets. That's what happened on Saturday, November 27, at the College of Magic in Cape Town.

Members of the Cape Magicians Circle held an auction of magical items [that doesn't even happen in my D&D games!] and Hermann and I attended.

The auctioneer was the totally delightful Steve Sandomierski, while Marian Williamson kept track of the LSD. With Steve running the event, they should have charged an entrance fee.

Afterwards, I chatted to Steve (who, it turns out, is a computer science post-grad!) in the Library, and got to take a few pics of Olwethu Dyantyi, recently promoted to Western Cape Junior Stage Magic Champion.

Hermann came away with a bag of loot [we won't go into details...], while I picked up a copy of "Card Throwing Techniques".

After the auction, we went for lunch at "A Touch of Madness" in Obs (the venue for our proposed December show, btw) and in two ticks and a foggy-duck Hermann was on-stage, performing an Amazing Water Miracle for the audience (our waiter).

nothing more to see. please move along.