Olwethu Dyantyi - Young Capetonian magician

posted: 2605 days ago, on Wednesday, 2010 Dec 01 at 10:15
tags: magic, College of Magic, photo diary.

It was a Saturday (2010 August 21 to be precise) that I first heard the song "Human" performed by The Killers.

I wasn't paying attention to the lyrics (which, mondegreen-fashion, go "Are we human? Or are we hamsters?") but rather the tempo, which swept me along.

That, and the fact that on the little stage just a few feet away, Olwethu Dyantyi was performing an awesome card magic routine.

I don't use a word like "awesome" lightly. His fast-paced routine, matched to the kicking tunes, transported me far away for a moment, pure suspended disbelief. And that is awesome.

This past weekend, at a magic auction held by the Cape Town Circle of Magic (at the College of Magic), I had an opportunity to meet Olwethu and take a few pics.

Here's one to watch: "his sign is vital", indeed.

Also see

Olwethu at the Annual Stage Contest, and at the Western Cape Junior Magician Championships (where he was awarded the 2010 Stage Championship).

nothing more to see. please move along.