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Cetus, the Whale (or the Sea Monster), is a sprawling southern constellation that dates back to ancient times. It is one of the original Greek constellations listed by Ptolemy and can be seen from October to mid-February. Its alpha-star is called Menkar.

Approximate original pronunciation:

mn kr

: short sound, end, best
: short sound, much, come

So this would be something like: men car. You probably don't have to practice this one too much.

The origin of the name is Arabic, al-minkhar, meaning "the Nostrils". However, the name al-minkhar was originally assigned to lamba Ceti in the Almagest (published c. 150 CE). At some later date during the medieval period, the name was assigned in a Latin star table to alpha Ceti, and now we're stuck with it. And lambda doesn't have a cool name.

Menkar is a red giant star - binoculars or a telescope will show its reddish hue (B−V = +1.64). If you wait long enough, Menkar will shed its outer layers to form a planetary nebula. It lies quite close to the Sun (all things considered): just 220 light years away.

Trekkies may recall that Khaaaaaan! and his crew were exiled on Ceti Alpha V, the fifth planet around Menkar.


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