Stars over the Taal Monument

posted: 2570 days ago, on Monday, 2010 Nov 08 at 09:14
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Saturday evening, November 6, members of OOG - the Orion Observasie Groep - held a stargazing picnic at the majestic Afrikaanse Taal Monument in Paarl. Arranged by Carol Botha and Serena Ingamels, members of OOG set up telescopes in the parking lot and shared the night sky with the public.

I joined Martin Lyons for the evening, who brought along his new low-light level video camera to show live images of deep sky objects on his laptop (the wind was a bit gusty to set up a projector and screen).

The sunset view from the top of the koppie was itself worth the trip.

The restaurant at the Monument (bright row of lights in the image on the right) remained open throughout the event, so hot refreshments (and the latest rugby score) were at hand.

Enthusiastic star gazers and engaging questions, coupled with scenic views over Paarl and surroundings, ensured a lovely evening.


  1. Orion Observasie Groep
  2. Afrikaans Language Museum and Monument

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