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In a comment posted on September 25 to my article Profit Kobus van Rensburg, "Fred" writes:

To Rinze and Auke

It's normally people like yourselves that God uses the most when you receive the truth. Auke you are in a good place in your life, because obviously you are searching for something better than you currently have, otherwise - Why this website?

If you really believed that God is imaginary, then why the need to defend that fact so strongly? Unless you are HOPING that someone can convince you otherwise.

It is evident to me that neither one of you have even had the guts o attend a meeting at Spirit Word Ministries, before criticizing. So I want to launch an official challenge to the both of you. If you are so sure of your facts why not be man enough o visit our ministry and speak to prophet Kobus yourselves (You will find he is very approachable) and then make your judgment. THIS IS AN OFFICIAL CHALLENGE!

To believe there is no God you need more faith than me, because you need to BELIEVE that everything came from nothing and nobody did it ! Wow man... God Loves you and so do I

Please take me up on my challenge Bless you !


Thanks for your comment about the fraudster Kobus van Rensburg.

Unfortunately, you didn't leave an e-mail address, so I'm unable to contact you privately. Unless you request otherwise, all communication between us will be published here for public record.

Your challenge is very interesting. When you say, "visit our ministry", and "official challenge", does that mean you are involved with Spirit Word Ministries in an official capacity?

When would be good dates to see miracles performed? It's a long road trip and I wouldn't want to be disappointed.

Best regards,


(my contact details)

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