Get ready for October's Full Moon on Saturday

posted: 2647 days ago, on Thursday, 2010 Oct 21 at 20:47
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This month's Full Moon graces the skies on Saturday evening, October 23.

The Moon will rise about half an hour after sunset (or, about 15 minutes before nautical twilight) so this is a good opportunity for taking a dramatic landscape photograph that includes the impressive Moon.

The table gives the times of interest for centres in South Africa. Times for anywhere else in the world can be found on the USNO website, or by setting up a profile on DOCdb.

Event times (SAST=UT+2)

CitySun setMoon riseNautical
Cape Town19:0419:4220:00

(An oddly interesting bit of trivia is that the Full Moon will occult the delightful spiral galaxy M74 during the first minutes of Saturday morning, as seen from Southern Africa.)

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Full Moon photos

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