Astropolis Star Party Jodlow 2010

posted: 2662 days ago, on Wednesday, 2010 Oct 06 at 14:44
tags: astronomy, star party, astrophotography.

Polish film maker and astronomy enthusiast Patryk Kizny attended this year's Astropolis Star Party and he and his colleagues used the opportunity to create an impressive and inspiring short film. He writes:

Astropolis Star Party is an annual event organized by, the major amateur astronomy community in Poland. The stagazers from the entire Poland come together each year to admire and photograph the beauty of the sky above us and mystery of the space.

Thanks to Astropolis, we had a great pleasure to shoot a short film during this event.

Sit back and enjoy Kizny's HDR-assisted time lapse creation at vimeo.

via: Martin Lyons

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