Love Science: Tips for astronomy communicators

posted: 2624 days ago, on Tuesday, 2010 Oct 05 at 07:30
tags: astronomy, outreach.

The August 2010 edition of Symmetry magazine (a publication by Fermilab and SLAC) has an interesting note for those doing science outreach. The item quotes Alan Alda (actor most famous for his role in M*A*S*H), saying:

"Don't be afraid to share your excitement about science. Let's tell stories and excite the lust in one another for the curiosity that we have, and let's fall in love with science."

Everyone has a story to tell about science, Alda said. The goal is tell it so vividly - with all the twists and suspense of a good detective story - that it sticks in the heads of the audience.

Alda said scientists should court the public through the three stages of falling in love:

  1. inflame their interest by using engaging body language and tone,
  2. foster infatuation by telling captivating stories that engage the emotions,
  3. and win their commitment to learn more.


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