Southern Sky News for October 2010

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Special dates to diarize

Saturday October 09, after sunset: slender Moon between Venus and Mars

Sunday October 10, after sunset: slender Moon above Mars and Venus

Monday October 11, after sunset: crescent Moon next to Antares (in Scorpius)

Tuesday October 12, after sunset: crescent Moon in the heart of the Milky Way

Tuesday October 19, evening: waxing Moon next to Jupiter

Wednesday October 20, evening: waxing Moon below Jupiter

Friday October 22, evening twilight: bright Moon rising in the east in the evening twilight

Saturday October 23, after sunset: Full Moon rising in the east after sunset

Monday October 25, before sunrise: Moon next to the Seven Sisters

Tuesday October 26, before sunrise: Moon next to the Seven Sisters

After sunset, early this month, look to the west where brilliant Venus dominates the twilight sky. To the right of Venus look for the much fainter Mars; a pair of binoculars will confirm it's reddish glow.

To the east, Jupiter shines brightly, and will be visible for the whole of October after sunset.

The brightest star visible to the north is Vega, the primary star of the constellation Lyra the Harp.

In pole position overhead is Sagittarius and Scorpius, with the glorious southern Milky Way stretching from horizon to horizon through the zenith.

As the month progresses, Venus drops lower down each evening drawing closer to the Sun, while Mars inches upward towards Scorpius.

By month's end, Venus will no longer be visible as it heads for the Sun. Mars, meanwhile, ends the month within the grasp of the Scorpion's claws, low in the west after sunset. Jupiter can then be seen high up in the north-east with Vega still prominent in the north-west. Look to the south-east for bright Canopus, second-brightest star in the sky, rising.

Around midnight this month you can catch the Pleiades rising in the north-east, followed by Orion and then brilliant Sirius (the brightest of all the stars).

Just before sunrise this October, Jupiter can be seen setting in the west. Brilliant Sirius shines overhead as the Sun brings colour to the night sky. In the last few days of October, if you're lucky, you may spot Saturn rising, shortly before daybreak.

Movements of the planets for October 2010

Mercury starts the month in Virgo, crossing into Libra on the 26th. Venus is in Libra until the 20th before returning to Virgo for the remainder of the month. Mars is in Libra, crossing to Scorpius on the 28th. Jupiter is in Pisces until the 15th when it moves into Aquarius. Saturn is in Virgo, Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Capricornus this month.

Happy star-gazing!

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