International Observe the Moon Night

posted: 2680 days ago, on Saturday, 2010 Sep 18 at 12:30
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International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN 2010) took place on 2010 September 18. According to a report from the InOMN HQ, 502 events were held across 53 countries!

In South Africa, two events were held: in Stellenbosch, and in Limpopo.


Despite mostly cloudy conditions, InOMN 2010 was celebrated in Stellenbosch. A conservative head-count had 250 people looking through the seven telescopes, operated by: Martin Lyons, Lynnette and Ed Foster, Laisve Lideikyte, Richard Ford, Wilhelm Carstens, and our Cape Town visitors Gavin and Suki Lock.

Cape Town

Carol Botha managed to photograph the Moon despite the cloud cover.


"The evening went rather well," Kos Coronaios writes, "with clear skies and a number of patrons visiting the local restaurant stopping to enquire if there was anything special that we were looking at. Explaining that it was always special to be looking at the Moon it was also InOMN and similar events were been held around the country and the world. Views of the Moon were projected on a screen with the 10-inch while the 8-inch manned by Sarah and James was used to look through the eyepiece. Numerous maria and craters were indentified as well as their age and history. The 'cherry on top' for the evening was looking at Jupiter and its moons."

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