Daytime lunar occultation of Venus

posted: 2685 days ago, on Monday, 2010 Sep 13 at 19:43
tags: astronomy, Venus, Moon, occultation.

Golly-gosh! Saturday's occultation of Venus by the Moon was a delightful sight!

Some twitters 'n emails:

holy crap!
Wow! Maan venus awesomeness!
Nifty, sekuriteitswag langs die pad probeer opsweep vir die okkasie.
Got it!!! :-) awesome!
Showed two white bergies and two middle class whites...
That's really cool! Thanks Auke.

A selection of images can be enjoyed in the slide show - thanks to everyone who shared their images!

Slide show

  Maciej Soltynski  [click to start slide show]


  1. Hans van der Merwe's video of the disappearance (go to YouTube)
  2. Oleg's Astronomical Gallery
  3. ASSA Bloemfontein Centre's blog
  4. Suki and Gavin Lock's images on Suki's blog.

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