eta Carinae Nebula

posted: 2761 days ago, on Wednesday, 2010 Jun 30 at 08:37
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, deep sky, Dale Liebenberg.

Region around the eta Carinae Nebula

Contributor: Dale Liebenberg

Equipment: 106mm f/5 refractor, Takahashi FSQ106ED, TAK EM200 mount, SBIG 11k camera with remote guide head on Astrodon MMOAG off-axis guider, Takometer rotator, 3nm Astrodon filters (S-II, H-alpha, O-III)
Exposure: 20-minute exposures, 10x (200 min) SII (mapped onto Red), 10x (200 min) Ha (Green) and 8x (160 min) OIII (Blue)
Processing: Captured with MaximDL, ACP, FMax; FTT high pass and mild filter to each stack. The three filter groups where imported in PS CS4 where the processing was done.
Date: 2010 June

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