Milky Way around IC 2714, the "Rip-Torn Cluster"

posted: 2801 days ago, on Wednesday, 2010 May 19 at 12:05
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, deep sky, Kos Coronaios, Milky Way.

IC 2714 wide-field view

Contributor: Kos Coronaios

Date: 2010 May
A dramatic black-and-white view of the Milky Way around IC 2714. IC 2714 is the brightest cluster at the centre of the image. I've nick-named it the "Rip-Torn Cluster".
Below and to its right is the bright and small cluster Melotte 105. Interestingly, this star cluster was discovered from South Africa, at the Union Observatory, by W.M. Worssell.

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