Communicating Astronomy with the Public 2010 - Day 4 (2010 Mar 18)

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Jim Hesser (Canada) chaired the fourth day's proceedings.

Johnson Urama (University of Nigeria, Nsukka)
Urama noted that modern astronomy is relatively new to Nigeria, with very few professional or amateur astronomers.
South African univerisities should take note of a policy the University of Nigeria employs: an introductory course on astronomy is compulsory for students majoring in physics and related fields.

Ray Jayawardhana (U.Toronto, Canada)
Ray Jay (as he is known) spoke about the CoolCosmos initiative. He noted that in Canada, science doesn't enter the daily conversation of the vast majority of the population, which surprised me somewhat.
The Canadian CoolCosmos initiative make the brilliant move to place 3,000 "adverts" in the cities public transport system: on buses, subways and streetcars. Imagine combining that with micro-lectures!
Also, some 50,000 bookmarks were distributed in libraries, social events and science centres.
The Canadian IYA launch party was held in a hotel known for its art and cultural launches - cunning!

Bruce Dorminey (USA)
"Context is the larger picture, the stated significance that gives some measure of transcendence to the research."

Prospery C. Simpemba (Copperbelt University, Zambia)
Simpemba is the regional coordinator: Africa for Astronomers Without Borders.
AWB "One People, One Sky", are spear-heading Global Astronomy Month (April 2010).
Visit their website at
I wonder who the ZA national coordinator is?

Femke Boekhorst (ASTRON, Netherlands)

Brian Abbott (American Museum of Natural History, USA)

Delegates in the lobby of the Ritz, about to set off on their Thursday walkabout.

An exciting development was initiated by Jim Hesser, who canvassed the interest in setting up an indigenous astronomical knowledge working group. Obviously, Prof Steven Tingay and John Goldsmith would be interested; I collected 24 names by the end of lunch.

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