Communicating Astronomy with the Public 2010 - Day 3 (2010 Mar 17)

posted: 2865 days ago, on Thursday, 2010 Mar 18 at 05:48
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Session chair Ian Robson calling the meeting to order.

Lars Lindberg-Christensen ("Managing astronomy outreach")

Lars Holm Nielsen ("Managing astronomy outreach web content")

Carolina Odman ("Networked astronomy and New Media: an emerging discipline")

FETTU prize-winners

Avivah Yamani ("Implementation of Web 2.0 for education and popularisation in Indonesia")

Virgiliu Pop [right] ("World Space Week and Yuri's Night as means of communicating astronomy with the Romanian public") and Jim Volp [left]

Daniel Pomarede ("Three-dimensional visualisation of astrophysical simulations and its role in communicating astronomy with the public")

Jamal Mimouni ("Astronomers as SSRs (Society Science Relays))

Rick Feinberg ("Long Live the Galileoscope!")

Junichi Watanabe ("The Number is the matter: Great success of IYA activities in Japan")

Blakesley Burkhart ("Universe in the Park: A gateway to astronomy")

Janice Harvey [left] and Inge Heyer [right]

An African contingent

Lara Albanese ("Astronomy and multiculturality")

Amelia Ortiz-Gil ("Astronomical activities with disabled people during IYA 2009 in Spain")

Paul Baki ("Communicating astronomy to communities")

Case Rijsdijk ("Real space or cyberspace?")

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