Sunday-morning stars over Stellenbosch

posted: 2881 days ago, on Sunday, 2010 Feb 28 at 14:38
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, Stellenbosch, Milky Way, deep sky.

Sunday-morning stars over Stellenbosch

Contributor: Auke Slotegraaf

Location: Stellenbosch. Equipment Canon ESO 30D, 18mm, f/5, 50 seconds at ISO 1000.
Date: 2010 February 28, 00:47 SAST

With the Full Moon high in the northern sky, the two trees in the foreground were brightly lit.
They ground and provide contrast to the odd-looking blue sky, tinted that shade by the bright moonlight.At lower
left, alpha Centauri just peaks out from behind a branch. Over a dozen deep sky objects can be spotted in the image.
Camera generously on loan from Dieter Willasch.

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