Limpopo Astronomy Outreach (2010 Feb 25)

posted: 2844 days ago, on Saturday, 2010 Feb 27 at 02:20
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by Kos Coronaios

Limpopo Astronomy Outreach: Ramashobohle High School

Limpopo Astronomy visited Ramashobohle High school on Thursday the 25th of February.

The school, situated 30 km from Polokwane on the way to Tzaneen, is just a stone's thow away from the University of Limpopo main entrance where James and I met Antoinette White who had arranged the day's astronomy events at the school.

The rural high school has 700 learners who were eagerly anticipating our arrival. The proceedings started at around 12 noon, but with overcast skies no views of the Sun through the telescope were to be had.

During the course of the afternoon two groups of learners built Southern Star Wheels and a few MoonScopes and with the cloud lifting we managed to catch a glimpse of the Sun with one solitary group of sunspots.

Unfortunately the evening's telescope session was hampered by early rain and cloud but views of the Moon and Mars were seen at the eyepiece.

Over 100 learners attended the afternoon and evening session.

A warm thank you to Antoinette and her children who helped hand out material, the educators at the school and my son James for their assistance.

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