Lightning over SAAO

posted: 2848 days ago, on Tuesday, 2010 Feb 23 at 13:04
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, atmospheric phenomena, SAAO, Sutherland.

Lightning over SAAO, 2010 February 09

Contributor: Auke Slotegraaf

Location: 10km outside of Sutherland, looking towards the SAAO koppie.
Equipment: Canon PowerShot S3IS, 15s exposure at f/2.7
Date: 2010 February 09.

For two nights, distant thunder and lightning provided a dramatic backdrop over the town of Sutherland.
Hermann Swart and I drove a few kilometres out of town, towards the SAAO observing site, and
hunkered under a road-side picnic shelter to (hopefully) capture a flare of lightning over the SAAO telescopes.
Of the thirty images attempted, this was the only one worth keeping.

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