Recently opened: Martin Lyon's new backyard observatory.

posted: 2886 days ago, on Tuesday, 2010 Feb 23 at 12:00
tags: astronomy, telescopes, observatories, Martin Lyons.

Not too long ago, Martin Lyons of Somerset West acquired a Meade 14-inch SCT. A big 'scope like that needs a suitable home. Martin's cunning solution recently came together, quite literally, in his backyard.

The 'scope is housed in a pre-fab plastic 'wendy house' erected on the northern end of the patio. The roof panels were removed and replaced by a segmented roll-up roof (similar to that seen covering the loading bay of a light truck).

Rapid construction/assembly time and overall simplicity makes this an excellent solution to an otherwise tricky problem.

Wilhelm Carstens and I went along on Saturday (2010 February 6) to see both the new observatory and some old deep sky favourites.

Slide show

 View across the patio.  [click to start slide show]


Martin's latest telescope is a 16-inch Meade. And it's mobile. Watch him set it up on YouTube.

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