Limpopo Astronomy Outreach (2009 Dec 31)

posted: 2936 days ago, on Saturday, 2010 Jan 02 at 02:52
tags: astronomy, outreach, IYA, Limpopo, Kos Coronaios.

by Kos Coronaios

Limpopo Astronomy Outreach: Makhado Crossing, Louis Trichardt

Beautiful clear skies, sunspots on the solar disk, followed by the last sunset of IYA 2009 and then glorious views of Jupiter and its moons.

The cherry on top had to be the partial lunar eclipse a little later of the "Blue Moon".

All the while a steady stream of visitors experiencing this and collecting various information, including "Sibo in Space" books, Solar System Board Games and Southern Star Wheel's. These courtesy of SAAO, SAASTA, Zoutpansberger, Leach Printers and Auke Slotegraaf.

What a fantastic end to 2009.

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