eta Carinae brightening

posted: 2989 days ago, on Thursday, 2009 Nov 12 at 00:13
tags: astronomy, deep sky.

From IAU Circular 9094, this intruiging news:

The central star of eta Carinae, lighting up the Homunculus nebula, has recently brightened to V=5.1.

"The star now accounts for half of the total light seen in the Homunculus nebula, compared to less than 10 percent before 1995."

"In view of the central star's 0.6-magnitude brightening since its 2006 peak… unsteadiness in 2007-2008, and 0.5-magnitude increase in mid-2009, eta Car currently merits frequent attention by additional observers."

For recent results and an historical light curve, visit this dedicated La Plata Observatory web page.

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