Star gazing on the Red Plain, U.Stellenbosch (2009 Nov 05)

posted: 2936 days ago, on Saturday, 2009 Nov 07 at 21:10
tags: astronomy, events, outreach.

Despite heavy cloud, a pleasant evening's outreach was held on the campus of the University of Stellenbosch. "Maphefo" (an 8-inch Dobsonian) was on duty, manned by Wilhelm Carstens, Ernst Jordaan and myself.

Soon after the 'scope was set up at 19:45, alpha Centauri was being viewed while Jupiter lurked behind cloud. Throughout the course of the evening Jupiter was visible in fits and starts.

Enthusiastic discussion kept the curious busy while a break in the clouds was awaited. The lucky few got to see the giant planet displaying all four Galilean moons and three of its cloud bands.

My clicker recorded 64 star gazers (10 of whom signed up to join the SGC), mostly students on their way to and from the library where they were studying for exams.

Shortly after 23:00 a few wayward rain drops precipitated a flurry of activity usually seen in the ER of a hospital as "Maphefo" was returned to her storage box and our night's activities drew to a close.

nothing more to see. please move along.