Ecumenical sunset (Oropos, Greece)

posted: 2948 days ago, on Monday, 2009 Oct 26 at 05:10
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, Anthony Ayiomamitis.

Ecumenical sunset (Oropos, Greece)

Contributor: Anthony Ayiomamitis


Equipment Takahashi FSQ-106 f/5, TeleVue 2x Big Barlow, Canon EOS 5D Mk I, Baader UV/IR-Cut Filter
Date: 2009 September 30

Anthony's image shows the autumnal equinox Sun setting behind the Church of St Sotirios, located in the seaside resort area of Oropos, Greece (45 kilometers northeast of Athens). He writes:

"Although I have been very successful in my attempts to work with our closest star under various scenarios (ex. analemma, solar eclipses, ISS solar transits), landscape astrophotography involving our G2V star has been a very serious challenge owing to the immense brightness of the Sun.

"With autumnal equinox having arrived, I decided yet again to revisit the issue of capturing the Sun with a foreground subject. I was richly rewarded a couple of days ago where I managed to capture the Sun less than one degree above the horizon and while setting behind an impressive Greek Orthodox church."

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