Galilean Night #3 (2009 Oct 24)

posted: 2969 days ago, on Sunday, 2009 Oct 25 at 16:20
tags: astronomy, IYA, Galilean Nights, outreach.

In Stellenbosch it was sadly clouded over, with droplets of rain threatening from time to time.

In Paarl, Carol Botha and other members of OOG celebrated at the Taal Monument; check out Carol's photos.

At Makhado Crossing, Louis Trichardt Kos Coronaios, Cuan and Phatu (Limpopo Astronomy Outreach) shared the night sky. Kos writes:

"Last night was the final evening of GN and it was free of cloud and lovely to be outdoors doing some astronomy with the locals after missing out on the second evening of the event.

"Cuan, Pathu, James and I set up outside a popular chain restaurant at Makhado Mall in Louis Trichardt and once again the astronomy display was ready well before sundown and with the shopping centres shops open till 6pm there was a lot of interest with Schwarzenegger promises of 'we'll be back'. And they certainly were!

"Even before sundown, Cuan, manning the 8-inch, was alternating with views of Jupiter and the Moon for the public while I had to wait a little longer with the 10-inch to view any images on the make shift screen. Crystal clear live pictures of the Moon were projected on the screen and after a little tweaking with the camera we were able to view the GRS on Jupiter's disk.

"Phatu with attendance register in hand followed by James clutching "Sibo in Space" books and various handout material (pamphlets on SALT & SAAO, info on Moon and Jupiter etc.) followed her. With only a limited supply of the "Sibo" books, James was handing them out diligently to the younger kids who showed loads of interest and enthusiasm. Short clips of 'how the Moon was formed' and 'how big the stars are' were shown alternating with commentary on interesting facts about the Moon and Jupiter to the ever-changing audience.

"As the evening progressed the numbers dwindled with eventually only Cuan's parents (Gaven and Pam), my lot, (Sarah and Christopher) and my three young astronomer helpers sitting on the pavement eating pizza and watching a clip of Apollo 15 astronaut David Scott dropping a hammer and feather (feather was from a falcon, lunar module was called falcon) and referring to Galileo and gravity fields as they both hit the ground at the same time.

"A wonderful ending to the last evening of the global Galilean Nights."

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