Galilean Night #2 (2009 Oct 23)

posted: 2970 days ago, on Saturday, 2009 Oct 24 at 18:59
tags: astronomy, IYA, Galilean Nights, outreach.

In The Strand I set up Maphefo (the 8-inch Dob) somewhat reluctantly some time after 19:00. Most unpleasant wind, and fog rolling in from the coast, boded ill.

I risked putting out a few posters, aware that they might we whisked off at any moment. Fortunately, the wind died down soon. Unforunately, the general public seemed to be largely elsewhere. The otherwise busy parking lot was relatively empty, and even the car guards appeared listless.

Dr Evan Knox-Davies accompanied me and helped with zooming in on the Moon and Jupiter. Bertus van Niekerk and his charming wife stayed for the duration, and 14 others took a look through the telescope.

Rudie Loots in his blinding orange IYA t-shirt visited for the first half of the evening, and I'd like to thank him for providing the photos below. The photo at bottom-left nicely captures a brilliant pass of the ISS at around 20:43 nice one, Rudie!

In Kleinmond, Ed and Lynnette Foster spoke at the public library; check out their report and photos on the SGC website.

In Panorama, Wim Filmalter's outreach activity was targeted at local teachers. Of the 100 or so who were invited, 24 really enthusiastic teachers attended.

"The talk I gave and the star gazing were both well received," Wim notes.

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