Galilean Night #1 (2009 Oct 22)

posted: 2971 days ago, on Friday, 2009 Oct 23 at 02:23
tags: astronomy, IYA, Galilean Nights, outreach.

In Stellenbosch four members of the Star Gazers Club set up a telescope on the University of Stellenbosch campus, between the Neelsie student centre and the library.

From 19:30 until 01:15, a steady flow of curious onlookers got to see the Moon and Jupiter with its Galilean moons.

Laetitia manned the counter, clicking 220 visitors (a conservative count), as well as answering questions and encouraging folk to join the Club.

Wilhelm was in charge of the membership drive while Ernst ably manned Maphefo, the 8-inch Dobsonian.

The venue was most excellent and the weather sublime, as the accompanying photos show.

In Brackenfell, Cape Town, Ed and Lynnette Foster set up in the parking deck of the Pick 'n Pay. Some 26 visitors enjoyed a look through their telescope before it clouded over, forcing them to pack up by 22:30. A full report can be read on the Star Gazers Club website.

At the University of Venda, Kos Coronaios and the Limpopo Astronomy Outreach were unfortunately clouded out. Kos, Cuan and Phatu set up their display in the afternoon, drawing around 100 odd visitors (images below) before the cloud sent them packing.

At the Calitzdorp Spa, Wim Filmalter had the first of two stunning evenings. Some 30 people learners, teachers, campers, etc. joined in.

"My talk went down well, the interaction was great, observing conditions were very good, and the surprise even better," Wim writes.

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