LCROSS impact target Cabeus

posted: 3026 days ago, on Thursday, 2009 Oct 08 at 05:46
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, Moon, space craft, Oleg Toumilovitch.

LCROSS impact target Cabeus

Contributor: Oleg Toumilovitch

Equipment TAL 8-inch KC telescope, 2x Barlow, FOTON AstroCam V1
Exposure: Five-second video. Processing: Stacked with Registax
Date: 2009 October 07, 23:20 SAST

Taken October 07 the image above shows the predicted impact area for tomorrow.

"Though we are only going to see the event on the webcast," Oleg writes, "it was very interesting to experiment and to see what could be done with a good 8" scope and a video camera."

The image is oriented the same way as it is seen with the naked eye or through binoculars.

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