Southern Sky Almanack (2010)

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The Southern Sky Almanack is a monthly summary of astronomical events, from a southern hemisphere perspective, for the year 2010. These events include the visibility of the Sun, Moon & planets, and details of eclipses.

Its intended audience is the astronomy enthusiast, be it a novice star gazer, an experienced amateur astronomer, or anybody involved in astronomy outreach.

The Almanack is presented in calendar format, with one A4-sized page per month.

Southern Sky Almanack for 2010 (version 1.33, 359K PDF)


Alternatively, its available in reduced size, with two calendar months on a single A4 page.

Southern Sky Almanack for 2010 (6 pages) (version 1.33, 426K PDF)


In addition to the Almanack, readers may find the Discover! star charts, the Southern Star Wheel, and the Constellation Yearbook (all free for non-commercial use) useful to enhance their enjoyment of astronomy.

Be sure to check out the other Outreach Resources available.

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