Flyover of the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle

posted: 3025 days ago, on Sunday, 2009 Aug 30 at 06:05
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, space craft, Carol Botha, Oleg Toumilovitch, Kos Coronaios, Mitchell Krog.

The International Space Station passing by the Moon.

Contributor: Carol Botha

ISS passing by the Pointers and Crux.

Contributor: Kos Coronaios

The Space Shuttle (STS 128)

Contributor: Kos Coronaios

Close-up of the ISS.

Contributor: Oleg Toumilovitch

"It was the most spectacular ISS pass over South Africa so far" Oleg writes. "It was the brightest object after the Moon, moving fast, capturing our attention for several minutes! I've managed to capture it on camera. The image clearly shows the structure, but faster shutter speed would make it even better. Maybe next time. It was also very interesting to observe the Shuttle chasing the station several minutes later, but it was rather featureless."

The ISS over the Magaliesberg

Photographed by Mitchell Krog (Living Canvas Photography)

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