Milky Way around Crux

posted: 3042 days ago, on Thursday, 2009 Aug 13 at 07:54
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, Dany Duprez, Milky Way.

Wide-angle image of the Coalsack region. 400mm telephoto lens, 12 minute exposure.

Contributor: Dany Duprez

The bright stars of Crux are almost lost in the glow of the rich Milky Way. The large dark detail-rich feature near the centre of the frame is the Coalsack.
The most prominent pink-red glow to the right of Crux is IC 2944/IC 2948. Other bright spots include Gum 39 & Gum 41.
Beautifully shown is my favourite dark nebula: Crux points directly at it, nestled amongst the stars of Musca the Dark Doodad.

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