Moonrise over the Hill of Wolves

posted: 3085 days ago, on Sunday, 2009 Aug 09 at 07:31
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, Moon, Anthony Ayiomamitis.

The 98.5% phase moon rising over Lycabettus Hill ("Hill of the Wolves") in central Athens, 2009 August 04

Contributor: Anthony Ayiomamitis

"The image was taken from a distance of 1380 meters away and across the National Archaeological Museum of Athens so as to have a balanced apparent diameter for the rising moon and the Church of St George which sits atop Mt Lycabettus.

"This effort was VERY tricky because the moon must be imaged when it is 8 degrees above the horizon owing to the 280 meter height of Lycabettus Hill. As a result, all of my previous work involving the proper timing of the rising full moon against well-known Greek landmarks goes out the window, namely with the sun being between 4 and 6 degrees below the horizon. For this effort, it was necessary to shoot when the sun was very close to the horizon and, in fact, just below it so as to have the necessary balance between the brighter than usual full moon owing to its eight-degree altitude and the foreground.

"The area atop Lycabettus Hill is a very popular tourist attraction and where the modus operandi is to view the setting sun (the tourists were looking at my general direction since the setting sun was towards me and behind me). Since this image was taken one to two minutes after the sun had set, some of the tourists visible in the image have turned their attention to the rising moon in the opposite direction."

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