ASSA Annual General Meeting (2009)

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The 2009 Annual General Meeting of the ASSA was held in Cape Town on 2009 July 29.

Two highlights from the meeting were the presentation of awards, and Dr Peter Martinez's Presidential Address.

In his Presidential Address, Peter Martinez touched on the role of societies in the Information Age, pointing out that people no longer need to join specialist societies to exchange ideas, meet people or access information.

He posed the question: "What value can ASSA offer that Members would not be able to get otherwise?" and suggested two answers: (1) priveleged access to major astronomical facilities, and (2) opportunites to participate in selected research activities.

He also noted that people today know less in general about the night sky than they did 100 years ago.

In his closing remarks, Martinez commented that astronomy helps to build bridges across cultures, ages, and political systems, and that very few sciences enjoy the same degree of popular appeal that astronomy does.

He concluded optimistically that "Societies like the ASSA will continue to play an important role in the next 400 years of astronomy."

The full proceedings of the AGM will appear in MNASSA in due course.


Pat Booth received a well-deserved Long Service Award. Other reward recipients included (top row): Greg Roberts [Director's Award Imaging], Karen Koch [General Observer's Certificate Comet & Meteor Section] & Chris de Coning [Merit Award]; (bottom row) Peter Wedepohl [General Observer's Certificate Variable Star Section], Richard Ford [Merit Certificate Deep Sky Section] & Maciej Soltynski [Honorary Membership of the Society, and a Director's Award Cosmology Section].

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