The Swan Nebula (Messier 17, Bennett 108, ASSA 87)

posted: 3095 days ago, on Wednesday, 2009 Jul 29 at 19:03
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, deep sky, Lucas Ferreira.

The Swan Nebula (Messier 17, Bennett 108, ASSA 87)

Contributor: Lucas Ferreira


The Swan Nebula, discovered by de Cheseaux in 1764. "It has a shape quite different from the others," he wrote, "it has the perfect form of a ray or the tail of a comet, 7' long and 2' wide. Its sides are exactly parallel and well terminated." A few weeks later, Messier discovered it, calling it "a train of light without stars in the shape of a spindle, a little like that in Andromeda's belt, but the light is very faint."
Lucas' photo was taken with an 8-inch Sky-Watcher Newtonian and a Pentax K110D SLR camera. The total exposure time was just 10 minutes, and consisted
of 21 light frames (30s each), 10 dark frames (30s each) and 5 bias frames (1/4000s each). The image above has been cropped to be web-friendly.

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