Small Magellanic Cloud

posted: 3098 days ago, on Sunday, 2009 Jul 26 at 14:00
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, deep sky, Oleg Toumilovitch, LMC/SMC.

The Small Magellanic Cloud in a field almost 2 across.

Three deep sky objects with the Cloud are readily visible (l.t.r.):
at left the thin blue nebula and cluster NGC 371 (Henize N76 is the nebulosity);
the very bright blue nebula NGC 346;
and just left of centre the very bright globular cluster NGC 330, shown on the photo as a bloated star.

Contributor: Oleg Toumilovitch

Equipment: Canon ESO 350, modified 400mm Sigma lens, piggybacked on
an 8-inch Cassegrain and guided with the Foton AstroCam.
Date: 2009 August.

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