Smallest Full Moon for 2009

posted: 3118 days ago, on Tuesday, 2009 Jul 07 at 19:23
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, Moon, Kos Coronaios, Oleg Toumilovitch.

Back in January we had the biggest Full Moon for 2009. Tonight (July 07) saw the smallest Full Moon for the year.

Around 19:00 I found myself on the roof of an office block in the centre of town, a move instigated by Krynauw du Toit who came up with the clever idea after a breakfast chat we had this morning.

I miscalculated the azimuth of moonrise; our vantage point was too far north to capture the Moon next to the church tower.

A close-up view, compared with an image taken in January, clearly shows the size difference.

Far away, Kos Coronaios also imaged the Full Moon and provided this comparison of their relative sizes.

Meanwhile, in Jo'burg, Oleg Toumilovitch captured the rising Moon, his "tribute to the King of Pop", he writes, because as the official Michael Jackson ceremony was about to start in LA, the Moon rose here in South Africa.

Oleg's composite is dramatically composed over a landscape:

nothing more to see. please move along.