Moonbow (2009 July 03)

posted: 3122 days ago, on Friday, 2009 Jul 03 at 19:27
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, atmospheric phenomena, Moon.

An SMS sends me scurrying outside under the cloudy skies and upwards to the 11-day-old Moon, to witness a lovely ice halo surrounding Luna. The bright star above the Moon (just to the right of the branch) is Antares (note the orange flavour). The brightest star at the top of the frame, just outside the coloured part of the moonbow, is Shaula.

Another lunar ice halo image was taken on 2007 June 30.

Moonbow (Ring around the Moon) 2009 July 03

Auke Slotegraaf

Stellenbosch, 20090703, 22:37. ISO 80, 15-sec at f/2.7

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