NGC 2237, The Rosette Nebula

posted: 3169 days ago, on Saturday, 2009 May 16 at 08:03
tags: astronomy, astrophotography, deep sky, Dany Duprez.

NGC 2237, The Rosette Nebula

Contributor: Dany Duprez

Dany captured the Rosette with a 400mm telephoto lens.

E. E. Barnard wrote, in 1889: 'In January 1883 while seeking comets with a five inch refractor, I found a very large diffused nebula close n.p. the star cluster GC 1420 [NGC 2237]. Subsequently I learned from Prof. Swift that he had originally discovered the nebula many years befroe and that it was not in any catalogue. It is very singular that this object so conspicuous in a five inch telescope, should have been missed by observers previously, unless indeed we consider GC 5361 [NGC 2238] as in part refering to it."

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